Top Supermarket Prosecco’s for a Fizz-Tastic Christmas

Top Supermarket Prosecco’s for a Fizz-Tastic Christmas
December 14, 2017 Rachel
Prosecco Supermarket Test

Our ‘friend in fizz’ Janet, of Cracking Wine and Fizz Festival fame has been testing out some of the best supermarket Prosecco’s for us (how AWFUL for her!) and has the results for us right here with a few surprises I have to say.  Thank you Janet!

Call it cheating if you like, but I’ve included Majestic in the list.  This is for two reasons:

  • There are a lot of basic sparklers in the wine aisles which are pretty similar and I got a bit bored tasting them (honestly!)
  • In the ‘does what it says on the tin’ book of Best Wines in the Supermarket by Ned Halley, he includes Majestic – so enough said

On point 2, if you are still a bit lost when it comes to choosing wines in the Supermarket (it can be a bit daunting), then you should look for  his book.  A great stocking filler and it includes a sparkling wine section from each store (of course).

Anyway, I digress.

I’ll get the obvious one out of the way as you will all have discovered this by now, but the Taste the Difference Conegliano Prosecco from Sainsbury’s is consistently good and for the price (around £10, but there are often offers on this wine) is fantastic value for a DOCG Prosecco Superiore.

Sorry if you already know this too, but a Prosecco Superiore can only be called that if made between the towns of Valdobbiadene and Conegliano – a sort of ‘golden triangle’ for Prosecco producers and a sign of quality – hence they often have one or both towns named on the label.  It also gains the standard of approval that is the DOCG mark and numbered label.

Another good one is the Tesco’s Finest Prosecco Valdobbiadene DOCG at £10 (again, frequently on offer).   With lovely peach and ripe pear flavours and aromas, it has all the freshness we’ve come to love about Prosecco but is in fact Brut (dryer than extra dry).

Of course, there is nothing wrong with the DOC Prosecco’s made mainly in the Treviso region.  There are lots of them around though and this is where choosing gets a bit tricky (but good fun trying!)

The Booths own label Prosecco is lovely and also Brut, but I would say not noticeably too dry (in case you love your Prosecco with a bit of sweetness).  Simple, fruity and with a slight mineral edge on the finish, this is certainly a step up from some of the very basic Treviso wines.

And finally (drum roll) I tried three from Majestic and this impressed me the most. I took all three wines round to my local beauty salon (they love me) and this came out top of the pops for them too:

La Marca Connegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG.  The price is around £14 but is currently (as of Dec 14th 2017) reduced to only £9.99 when buying a mixed case of six.  Lovely apple and apricot aromas and flavours and this time Extra Dry (you know that means sweeter than brut, right?)

In my humble opinion, this might win out over the Sainsbury’s one….but I can’t now remember.  I guess I’ll have to try them all over again!

As you would expect all these Prosecco’s are fantastic for a Christmas Day sparkling treat, as an aperitif and brilliant with party food (yay!)

Have a great Christmas and get busy with the fizzy.  You have my permission!

About Janet Harrison

Janet Harrison runs a wine tasting business, Cracking Wine and is based in the North West.  Her love of Fizz knows no bounds as the founder of The Fizz Festival.  It is a producer-led wine fair dedicated to Champagne and sparkling wine, with annual events in Yorkshire, Cheshire and now Lancashire too.

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