Top 5 essential cocktails for your New Year’s Eve celebrations!

Top 5 essential cocktails for your New Year’s Eve celebrations!
December 30, 2017 Rachel
New Year Prosecco Cocktails

Nothing marks the ‘let’s start afresh this year’ occasion like a festive drink.  Whether you’re planning a fancy party or just watching the new year in from your sofa, you’ll be needing something delicious to drink!  Plain Prosecco is always a great option, but why not ring in the new calendar with these celebratory cocktails:

  1. The Twinkle – start 2018 with this pretty stiff cocktail to show 2018 you’re not messing about this year!
  2. Amaretto Sour – the perfect combination for the start of a ‘perfect’ year!
  3. Spanish New Year Refresher – something a little different to bring the promise of ‘prosperity’!
  4. Spritz Bull  – if you’re in for a long night of partying then this is the cocktail for you!
  5. Prosperity & Gin – just one of the best cocktails ever and especially great for gin lovers!

Enjoy (responsibly 🙂 whatever you decide to drink!  Happy New Year from Prosecco Club!


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