Panic over people, “there will not be a Prosecco shortage…”

Panic over people, “there will not be a Prosecco shortage…”
June 16, 2015 Rachel
Prosecco Grapes

You may have seen reports in the press about a Prosecco shortage this summer?  Well, I am here to confirm that according to the Prosecco DOC Consortium in Italy (the rulers of all things Prosecco production related), this is simply NOT TRUE!  They have responded to these reports saying “that there will not be a shortage of Prosecco in the coming months.”

They have also confirmed that last year’s harvest yields were affected by bad weather, however the Consortium want to reassure Prosecco drinkers that these 2014 yields were actually still up on the year before!

Most importantly however, they have “ruled out any significant price increase during the summer”.  Prosecco Club is most happy to report this wonderful news!


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