Revive your Prosecco with a Raisin?

Revive your Prosecco with a Raisin?
January 17, 2017 Rachel
Calories in Prosecco

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I am hesitant to open a bottle of Prosecco at home if I just fancy a glass, as the fizz fades pretty quickly.

However, I have read that dried fruit could hold the answer to this problem!  Yes, you heard me correctly – seems that a single raisin has the power to revive a near-flat bottle of fizz!

Apparently the tip is this – drop a single raisin into a bottle of nearly flat Prosecco (won’t work if it entirely flat) a few minutes before pouring.  The carbon dioxide (which gives Prosecco its delicious bubbles) sticks to the ridges of the raisin, then releases the bubbles back into the bottle restoring the fizz!

Now, in my experience Prosecco starts to lose its fizz after 4/5 hours, but I’m going to test this with a bottle left overnight and see what happens!

To be continued…


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