Let the Prosecco Girls Welcome you to ‘Proseccoshire’!

Let the Prosecco Girls Welcome you to ‘Proseccoshire’!
March 15, 2017 Rachel
Prosecco girls tours

The Prosecco Girls, Anita and Silvia both live in the Prosecco region (they call it ‘Proseccoshire’!) and love nothing more than introducing people to the wonders of Prosecco and Italian life.

The Prosecco Girls can organise anything from a full weekend touring the region to a day Prosseco tour. Should you have any specific tour requests for you Prosecco tour such as some Italian food you would like to try or a specific area you would like to visit, just let them know and they can personalise the trip just for you! Included in their Prosecco tours are:

  • A guided tour of Prosecco vineyards were you can taste and buy excellent wine
  • Local produce tastings
  • A dinner where traditional dishes from the area are served along with good wine and of course, Prosecco!

The Prosecco Girls offer a really unique experience for the Prosecco lovers to explore and become Italians for the weekend!

Find out more at www.proseccogirls.it or contact Anita and Silvia at info@theproseccogirls.it and don’t forget to mention you heard about them from Prosecco Club!


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