Should Prosecco be Sold on Tap?

Should Prosecco be Sold on Tap?
January 8, 2015 Rachel
prosecco on draught

The Italian government are threatening legal action against British pubs and restaurants that are selling “Prosecco” from kegs. Establishments which refuse to stop it could be taken to court under European Union trading regulations.

“If prosecco is sold on tap then it is no longer prosecco – it needs to be served directly from the bottle,” Luca Giavi, the director of the consortium of winemakers in the Valdobbiadene-Conegliano area of the northern Veneto region, told The Telegraph.

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  1. Andrew Oliver 8 years ago

    Hi Rachel,

    As long as it is good quality, more wine should be sold on tap all round. The DOC and DOCG rules mean Prosecco has to be in a bottle, so you can’t call it Prosecco if it is on draught as you rightly point out, but if you can offer a good quality sparkling Glera at a good price then what is not to like?

    You do need a reputable supplier and a good wine, I recommend The Wine Keg Company in Brighton as they have a wine which has sold well in Italy for many years and is 100% Glera.


  2. Jan 7 years ago

    I would vote for this bring it on

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