Prosecco flavoured Wensleydale Cheese…oh and it’s pink!

Prosecco flavoured Wensleydale Cheese…oh and it’s pink!
November 10, 2017 Rachel
Wensleydale with Raspberry and Prosecco

I thought we’d reached peak pink already…clearly not!  Now, the ingredients of this cheese are nowhere near as crazy as they actually look.  We’ve been eating Wensleydale with cranberries forever, so a fruit and cheese pairing is common, and delicious.   They have mixed this cheese with raspberries which gives it the bright pink hue, and it is encased in a co-ordinating fuchsia rind for extra pink shock value.  Alcohol infused cheese is also common, with various red wine, whiskey and stout cheeses around, however, Prosecco infused cheese seems more of shock to me!

If you think cheese should be ‘cheese’ flavoured and Prosecco should only come from a bottle then this isn’t going to be for you, but I’m sure it will be gracing the dinner tables of many Prosecco loving households this Christmas!  That’s if you can get hold of any – it’s caused such a stir it’s already sold out at The Great British Cheese Company, so keep checking online if this is a ‘must have’ on your cheese board!


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