Prosecco Limoncello Cocktail

Prosecco Limoncello Cocktail

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Easter time entertaining can often involve quite a heavy menu with lovely roasts and chocolate puddings of course!  Here is a light and easy Prosecco cocktail you can serve as an aperitif.  If you’re not entertaining, it also tastes great sitting on the sofa whilst quietly devouring an Easter egg…I know this from first hand experience.

Ingredients (for 8 people):

8  strips of lemon rind
8 tbsp Limoncello (or other lemon flavoured liqueur)
4 tsp fresh lemon juice
1 bottle dry Prosecco, chilled (I think BRUT works well for this cocktail)

I think this looks great with a sugared rim which you can do quickly and easily by rubbing a cut lemon wedge around the rim of your glass and rolling it in sugar.  Then, roll up each strip of lemon rind and place 1 into each of 8 glasses you are using. Add 1 tablespoon Limoncello and 1/2 teaspoon juice to each glass. Divide the Prosecco evenly between the 8 glasses. Serve immediately.

2 reviews for Prosecco Limoncello Cocktail

  1. Rachel

    So easy and refreshing!

  2. Pauline

    Tasty but definitely prefer the Gin Fizz Prosecco.

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