Premier Estates Prosecco Review

Premier Estates Prosecco Review

There is a very good reason why this is an award winning Prosecco and worthy of a Prosecco Club review – Premier Estates just won their FOURTH award for this extremely drinkable bottle of bubbles!

This is an Extra Dry Prosecco which feels light and has a lovely fresh appley taste but it’s not too sweet, nor too ‘thin’ like some tend to be. My favourite thing about Premier Estates however, is that it stays nice and sparkly in the glass until the very last drop – a very important factor for a glass of Prosecco, I’m sure you’ll agree!

Premier Estates is an independent company that only sell online and through boutique retailers, so you won’t find this Prosecco in the supermarkets. I love this – makes it feel so much more exclusive! I also adore the label which is extremely elegant, giving it a stylish edge which makes for a lovely gift.

Luckily for us, Premier Estates have a great offer on at the moment – a case of 6 bottles for only £39.00 and including FREE next day delivery!

We also have an exclusive offer for Prosecco Clubbers – get 5% off orders of over £50 with the Christmas discount code SANTA.  Visit the Premier Estates website to order yours now – hurry as this offer ends 22nd December 2016!

p.s. they also do a gorgeous Rose Spumante which is perfectly pretty for parties and great if you want an alternative to Prosecco, as it is just a touch sweeter.



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