Nigella’s Christmas Prosecco Cocktail

Nigella’s Christmas Prosecco Cocktail

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This Prosecco cocktail is great for parties, as it’s hassle free and easy to make – simply pour all the ingredients together into a chilled jug, and there you have it. The ginger ale and cherry brandy make for a sweet and gently spiced cocktail which is perfect for the festive season.


1 chilled bottle of Prosecco
125ml cherry brandy
500ml dry ginger ale


  • Simply add all the ingredients into a chilled jug and gently stir to mix.
  • Divide between 8 to 10 glasses and serve with ice cubes if desired.

1 review for Nigella’s Christmas Prosecco Cocktail

  1. Jamie

    You can’t go wrong with Nigella. This cocktail is fab.

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