Storage and Serving Advice

Prosecco bottles should be stored upright in a cool, dark place

Storage and Serving Advice


Prosecco should be drunk while it’s still young, ideally no more than 24 months after being bottled. In fact, the majority of Proseccos are best consumed within their first year, as this guarantees the fresh and fruity flavour that is characteristic of these sparkling Italian wines.

Prosecco bottles should be stored upright in a cool, dark place (around 10-15?C) and kept away from sources of light or heat. For optimum enjoyment, Prosecco should be chilled to around 6-8?C before drinking, although the precise temperature will depend on the style of the wine. See Types of Prosecco.


The Consortium recommends serving Prosecco in a tulip-shaped Prosecco glass, rather than the flutes and coupes typically used to serve champagne. This type of glass allows the drinker to experience in full the Prosecco’s aromas.

Serving Suggestions

Prosecco is an elegant and refreshing drink, whose versatility makes it perfect as an aperitif or as an accompaniment to a wide range of dishes. Locally, Prosecco is enjoyed all year round, as an accompaniment to various dishes that make use of seasonal specialities such as porcini, asparagus, Treviso radish, and game, as well as regional cheeses like Bastardo, and cured meats such as soppressa (a locally-produced salami).

Prosecco’s crisp, fruity character lends it a versatility that extends far beyond the borders of traditional Treviso cuisine, and it works equally well with Italian antipasti (think prosciutto, anchovies, sardines and artichoke hearts), as it does with sushi and sashimi. Other foods and flavours that should be paired with Prosecco include shellfish, seafood, duck, veal, chicken, and other delicately flavoured meats, nutty risottos, light pastas, and any desserts that combine sweet and sharp: think lemon meringue or rhubarb tart, bitter dark chocolate strawberries, pears poached with ginger and cinnamon, or creamy goats cheese with red berries.

Prosecco Cocktails

The freshness and versatility of Prosecco make it an excellent cocktail base, and in cocktail bars all over the world Prosecco has become a staple ingredient in various aperitifs, spritzers, palate cleansers and digestifs. We’ve chosen a selection of popular Prosecco cocktail recipes for you to try at home: whether you’re after a classic Prosecco cocktail, or a contemporary twist on an old classic, there’s sure to be something for every taste. These Prosecco cocktail recipes each use a brut or extra-dry Prosecco, which should be thoroughly chilled before using.

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