Prosecco Tourism

The area famous for Prosecco production has opened its doors to tourists from all over the world

Introduction to Prosecco Tourism

As the popularity of Prosecco has soared in recent years, the area famous for its production has opened its doors to tourists from all over the world. Novices and connoisseurs alike travel to Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia to sample local wines, cheeses and other delicacies, and the superb quality of local food and drink, together with the unparalleled beauty of the landscape has proven to be a winning combination. Only a stone’s throw from Venice and Trieste, the Prosecco region is an ideal holiday destination for anyone wishing to discover Prosecco in its true home. Some wineries offer year-round, walk-in Prosecco-tasting, while others can only be visited as part of an organised tour. See Prosecco Wine Route Tours for more information.

The Strada del Vino Prosecco

The Strada del Vino Prosecco – or the Prosecco Wine Route – is a 50 kilometre-long road that winds through Italy’s most celebrated vineyards in Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia. Although the exact age of the Strada del Vino Prosecco is contested by different sources, it is widely accepted as Italy’s first ever wine route. The Strada del Vino takes travellers on a journey through a varied, viticultural landscape: dotted between the vineyards on these gently rolling hills and steep slopes are picturesque villages and ancient castles. The views here are truly magical, and visitors can expect to discover all kinds of historical gems embedded in the countryside as they travel the Strada del Vino Prosecco. Indeed, the beauty of this winemaking area, coupled with its historical value, has led to its nomination as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Visitors to the Strada del Vino Prosecco can expect to sample the area’s world-famous Proseccos as well as exquisite regional cuisine made from locally-sourced produce – wild herbs, porcini, chestnuts and honey are local staples, along with rustic cheeses, cured hams, salamis and spit-roasted meats. The Strada del Vino Prosecco is a wealth of natural and cultural delights, and a worthy holiday destination for food and wine enthusiasts. For more information on Prosecco tourism, see Prosecco Wine Route Tours (below).

Primavera del Prosecco

In early spring, Italians everywhere celebrate the end of winter and the harvests to come. In the Prosecco region, this is celebrated by the Primavera del Prosecco – literally the Spring of Prosecco – a festival that takes place over several weeks in the towns and villages that dot the patchwork countryside of Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia. This is a fantastic time to visit Italy’s Prosecco region, with Prosecco-tasting parties and informative shows guaranteed every weekend throughout the spring months. The villages in the DOC and DOCG zones take turns at hosting the festivities, and visitors can be sure to experience regional culinary specialities as well as the famous local bubbly.

Prosecco Wine Route Tours

There are a number of companies which take visitors on guided tours of the Prosecco Wine Route. Some companies only offer day excursions, while others offer week-long tours of the region, and many tour providers are flexible with their itineraries. If you want to really get to know the region and its wines, try a longer tour – these can often be customised according to the size of your group and any other requirements you have – you can choose to stay in five-star luxury or something more low-key, for example, and fitness fanatics can even discover the Strada del Vino on foot or by bike. We’ve handpicked some of the most popular Prosecco tour providers for you – click on the links below for more information.

Italia Outdoors Food and Wine offer week-long cycling tours of the Prosecco wine route for all ages and abilities. Named Italy’s ‘Best Local Guide 2013’, these tours are run by an expert cyclist and a chef from America.

Veneto Italy and Wine provide day-long guided tours of the Prosecco Wine Route. Visitors can join a shared tour or alternatively opt for a private tour with one of the company’s English-speaking sommeliers. As well as visiting two of Italy’s best-loved Prosecco wineries, visitors have the opportunity to discover local cuisine in one of the area’s most rustic trattorias.

The Other Side of Venice also offer day tours of the Prosecco region, where as well as discovering Prosecco from two of Italy’s finest wineries, visitors can enjoy a traditional lunch in a real medieval castle.

Italian Wine Tours offer week-long tours of the Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia regions. Their wine tours offer visitors the opportunity to discover a rich variety of regional wines in the picturesque countryside of north-eastern Italy.