How much exercise is required to burn off a glass of Prosecco?!

How much exercise is required to burn off a glass of Prosecco?!
October 23, 2017 Rachel
Calories in Prosecco

…and other favourite alcoholic drinks.

As we are approaching party-season and I’ve been doing a bit more exercise than usual (but not as much as I really should!), I thought I would investigate.  Anyone who has been to a slimming club knows EXACTLY how many calories are contained in our favourite alcoholic drinks, including Prosecco and Prosecco cocktails.  But just how much exercise is actually required to burn off just one drink?  The results make for difficult reading so prepare yourselves:

  • Glass of Prosecco (approx 85 calories) – 20 mins of Pilates
  • Gin & Tonic (single, approx 140 calories) – 28 mins cycling
  • Bellini (approx 97 calories) – 16mins of sit-ups
  • Pina Colada (approx 400 calories) – 1 hour Spin class!

It’s difficult to know exactly how many calories your drinks contain without knowing the specific ingredients and exactly how much exercise is required to burn it off (depends on your weight) but you get the idea…unfortunately! Good news is, Prosecco is one of the more diet-friendly alcoholic drinks. If you did an intense weights session, you’d have burned it off in around 20 minutes.  See you at the gym!



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