Hangover free Prosecco…thoughts?

Hangover free Prosecco…thoughts?
October 16, 2017 Rachel
Lidl Organic Prosecco

Lidl has just launched its first Organic Prosecco which is less likely to give you  a hangover claims the supermarket.  Did any of you Prosecco Clubbers manage to get your hands on a bottle over the weekend and if so, how were your hangovers?!

100% organic wines come from vineyards that do not use chemical fertilisers or pesticides and the levels of sulphites, used to keep the wine fresher for longer, are much lower in organic production which can only be a good thing!  Some people believe that it is the sensitivity to these sulphites that can really contribute to the hangover feeling.  However, nothing alcoholic can be described as ‘hangover free’ as its is the alcohol causes the dehydration and makes us feel so awful after we have overindulged!  The Lidl Organic Prosecco launched last Thursday and costs just £7.99.  Worth a try if you haven’t already!


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