Going WILD in the Cotswolds…

Going WILD in the Cotswolds…
March 29, 2015 Rachel

I was lucky enough to enjoy a couple of days in the Cotswolds recently, staying at the fabulous Wild Rabbit Inn.  This small but perfectly formed hotel is a great place for a Cotswolds break. The interior and exterior make for a total Instagram fest (apologies to friends and family who had to endure lots of  interior snapping from me!).  Lots of natural wood, flowers and plants are key to the simple but beautiful interiors.  I particularly liked the crisp linen sheets on the HUGE bed, the gorgeous crumbly shortbread biscuits in the room, courtesy of the Chef and all the fresh, seasonal fruits at breakfast time – luckily we were in rhubarb season!

Just around the corner from the Inn is the Daylesford Organic Shop  – the farm shop to beat all farm shops!  It has a spa (book early, we were too late!),  a boutique, home ware store, a restaurant, and of course the famous farm shop.  I sampled some of their organic Prosecco (naturally) which is a lovely and light with a slight sparkle and a delicate fruity taste (think more melon and pear than strong appley notes).


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