Silvano Follador

Silvano Follador
January 15, 2015 Rachel

Prosecco tasting, winery tours, sales.

Silvano Follador is a small Prosecco winery located in the hills of Santo Stefano, in the Valdobbiadene commune.  They use organic and biodynamic farming methods to produce their Prosecco, so it’s always free from artificial preservatives, pesticides and fertilisers.

Contact Silvano Follador to arrange a tour of the winery or tasting session in English or Italian. They’re open Monday to Friday, and Saturday mornings.

Silvano Follador
Via Callonga, 11 – S. Stefano – 31049 Valdobbiadene (TV)
tel +39 0423 900295
fax +39 0423 904810