Secco Cart

Secco Cart
October 17, 2017 Rachel
Secco Cart Prosecco Van

Secco Cart is a uniquely converted mobile bar that only serves Prosecco as it should be served, from the bottle! The bar tenders of Secco Cart pride themselves on their cocktail mixing skills, using seasonal fruits and liqueurs and are happy to tailor your drinks requests to fit your unique celebration. With over 20 years experience in the entetainments and events industries, Secco Cart staff have the skill, knowledge and passion to offer you a professional and impressive service.

They are very accommodating for any charity events, offering the Prosecco cart for free, fully staffed and will donate 10% of their profits back to you charity!



Tel: 07970 647125



Twitter: @seccocart


Secco Cart Prosecco Van

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