Maschio Beniamino

Maschio Beniamino
February 9, 2015 Rachel

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You’ll find the Maschio Beniamino winery nestled in the hills of San Pietro di Feletto, not too far from the main town of Valdobbiadene. Here, they produce a range of single-grape Proseccos as well as a very rare Prosecco di Cartizze Grappa, which is aged for three months in small casks made from wild cherry wood.

In 2002, Maschio Beniamino joined forces with the De Bernard distillery– a successful Prosecco winery which has been going since the 1950s. Maschio Baniamino’s De Bernard Prosecco DOCG has since become one of the company’s most popular wines, which can be sampled at Maschio Beniamino distillery.

Maschio Beniamino is open all day Monday to Friday, and Saturday mornings. Pop in to try some of their favourite Proseccos and their impressive selection of Grappas – staff speak English as well as Italian.

Maschio Beniamino
Via S. Michele 70 – 31020 San Pietro di Feletto (TV)
tel +39 0438 450023