Le Manzane

Le Manzane
February 18, 2015 Rachel

Prosecco tasting, winery tours, sales.

Le Manzane are an environmentally friendly winery based in San Pietro di Feletto. Their vineyards boast particularly fine and fertile soil on the steep Feletto hillside, where a mixture of gravel, sandstone and shale provide a natural drainage system for the vines. The winery and bottling plant benefit from the natural coolness of being underground, which stops them relying on artificial cooling.

Visit Le Manzane for Prosecco tasting, winery tours and sales. Staff speak English, German and French as well as Italian.

LE MANZANE Az. Agr. di Balbinot Ernesto
Via Maset 3 – 31020 San Pietro di Feletto (TV)
tel +39 0438 486606