Col Del Lupo

Col Del Lupo
March 16, 2015 Rachel

Offers Prosecco tasting, winery tours, sales.

Nestled in the gentle hills of Colbertaldo is the Cold Del Lupo winery. This family business was set up years ago by Aldo Adami, and these days is run by his daughter Diana and his nephew Marco. They make a variety of premium Proseccos which can be bought online or direct from the winery, either alone or in taster boxes of three.

Contact Col Del Lupo to organise a tour of the winery or Prosecco tasting – they’re open most days until 7pm, and staff speak English as well as Italian.

COL DEL LUPO Az. Agr. s.s.
Via Rovede 37 – Colbertaldo – 31020 Vidor (TV)
tel +39 0423 980249