Adamo Canel Spumanti

Adamo Canel Spumanti
April 8, 2015 Rachel

Prosecco tasting, winery tours, sales, dining.

Adamo Canel Spumanti is based in the beautiful little village of Col San Martino, near Valdobbiadene in the heart of the DOCG zone.  The winery is a family business, which these days is run by the children of its original founder, Adamo Canel.  Today, Vincezno, Fausto, Annamaria and Tiziano manage every aspect of the business, from the annual harvesting of the Valdobbiadene Prosecco grapes, to the bottling of the finished product.

Adamo Canel produce a variety of different wines, but are arguably most famous for their Prosecco. They’ve won awards in the past, and their Prosecco di Valdobbiadene Superiore di Cartizze was even awarded three stars – the highest acclaim – by the prominent Italian wine connoisseur and writer, Luigi Veronelli, in his Bolaffi Guide to Italian White and Sparkling Wines (Catalogo Bolaffi dei Vini Bianchi d’Italia e degli Spumanti).

Adamo Canel have created a range of different Proseccos, each of which has its own distinct characteristics that relate to the vineyard where the grapes were grown, and the nature of the fermentation process.  Most of Adamo Canel’s Proseccos are made using the Charmat method, but they do make one special Prsoecco – known as the ‘Desgropante’ – which is produced using the much older (and more time-consuming) sur-lie fermentation method.

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Adamo Canel Spumanti
Via Castelletto 73 Col S. Martino – 31010 Farra di Soligo (TV)
tel +39 0438 898112