Abbazia Follina

Abbazia Follina
April 10, 2015 Rachel

This Prosecco producer offers: Prosecco tasting, winery tours, sales

Abbazia Follina is an award-winning Prosecco winery run by the Dalto family in the hills of Follina. The steep slopes here provide the perfect terrain for growing vines, and the location of this area in between the Dolomite mountain range and the Adriatic Sea offers it protection from overly hot weather and harsh winds.  Generous sunshine and rainfall all year round make this an ideal spot for cultivating Prosecco grapes, which are harvested by hand from mid-September until October.

If you have the chance, why not try one of Abbazia Follina’s award-winning Proseccos in the traditional extra dry style; the sixty-day fermentation gives a beautifully pale Prosecco with greenish tinges, a delicate mousse and persistent, pin-point bubbles.  The Abbazia Follina winery is open to visitors Monday to Saturday, between 8.30am and 12.30pm, and between 2pm and 6pm. The winery is open for sales, Prosecco tasting and tours of the winery.

Abbazia Follina
Via Giazzera 12-31051 Follina (TV)
tel +39 0438971568

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