How Many Calories are in Prosecco?

How Many Calories are in Prosecco?
December 12, 2014 Rachel
How Many Calories are in Prosecco

Good news if you are counting calories – Prosecco is a pretty good alcoholic option!

The relatively low number of calories in Prosecco make it one of the more diet-friendly alcoholic drinks. One glass of Prosecco contains around 80 calories, making it much less calorific than a large glass of red, or a vodka and coke, which come in at 220 and 120 calories (ish – depending on size) respectively.  The lower calories in Prosecco are partly due to its low alcohol content when compared with other wines – this makes it a good choice for dieters and a perfect lunchtime drink.  If you are watching your weight, opt for a Brut Prosecco – this type of Prosecco has a lower sugar content and thus a lower calorie-count.  Just don’t drink too much!


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