Did you know this week 9-15 October 2017 is official #chocolateweek?!

Did you know this week 9-15 October 2017 is official #chocolateweek?!
October 12, 2017 Rachel
chocolate week

Well I didn’t until today and three days of legitimate ‘I’m supporting chocolate week’ have gone wasted, so let’s get too it for the remainder of the week!

I find that my favourite ‘BRUT’ Prosecco is not always a good mix with the darker chocolate I prefer, so I am going to try a milk chocolate with my Prosecco with a dash of Raspberry Liqueur which I know from experience is a dreamy combination as a Raspberry Bellini.  I really like the Chase Raspberry Liqueur (add a splash to the bottom of your glass then top up with Prosecco!) or they have a Blackcurrant Liqueur which would also work well (*note to self – try this one!).

Just a suggestion, but enjoy trying different combinations  – happy #chocolateweek!


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